Toronto Wedding DJs

Toronto Wedding DJs

Toronto Wedding DJs Starts with GTA DJ.

GTA DJ has been providing disc jockey services in the General Toronto area since 1988. Along with our many years of experience we have seen great changes in the technology of sound and lighting as well as special effects. When choosing a Toronto Wedding DJ there are things you should be looking for. Below we will provide the information that answers all these questions.


 Choosing A Toronto Wedding DJ


(1) Will they bring back-up equipment?
(A) Back-up equipment is one the most important things that all DJ companies should have on hand. A lot of DJ Companies make these promises but do not actually bring the equipment.
Here is just an example of what this could mean for your Toronto Wedding. The client chooses a basic package and in this package there are 2 Speakers, DJ Console, Music, etc. Let’s just say that the hall staff or a guest bumps into the Speaker knocking it over and now for some reason the sound no longer is coming out. The DJ has checked everything they possibly could think of and it’s been determined the speaker is 100% broken. Now the DJ would need to not only inform the Client about the issue, but now has to wait for someone to bring a new speaker or even worse, leave the event to get a new one. Another thing that could happen is they just use the one speaker, but you did not pay for one, you the client paid for two speakers. Remember this is only an example.


(2) Is there a DJ on stand-by in case of illness?
(A) Once again this is something that most clients assume will happen. In most cases there is never anyone that could come to the rescue of your event if the Main DJ has fallen ill. The ill DJ would be forced to stay at the event and even possibly ruin your special wedding day.


(3) Will the sound be appropriate for the size of the hall and number of guests.
(A) At GTA DJ we strongly advise that the client come to our showroom to fully discuss the days events as well as find out how many people will be at that event. If let’s say there is 200 people that will be at your wedding, the bare minimum we would suggest is the normal 2 speakers. What Would GTA DJ suggest? We say that for a Toronto Wedding Hosting 200 People or more should be at least two speakers and two bass bins. Reason behind this is because we would only use the bass bins during the dance portion of your event and not during dinner or speeches. We take alot of pride in making sure your event is special in every single way.


(4) Do they have a wide variety of music?
(A) Any DJ Company within the GTA should have a wide variety of music. GTA DJ has music that date’s back to the 1940′s all the way to the current most listened to music of Today.


(5) Will the DJ encourage and play song requests?
(A) Most DJ companies will say yes to this question but come the day of the event and the client starting to ask for music the DJ will become impatient and not even listen to the guest after a while.The good news is with GTA DJ all of our DJ’s are there to make your event great; if for some odd reason the DJ does not have the song the client wants, then the song would be beyond the DJ’s Library of Music. In most cases we can quickly download the song and play it from iTunes.


(6) Is the DJ interactive and experienced in motivating people?
(A) All of GTA DJ DJ’s are fully interactive and experienced. GTA DJ will never send a DJ to any event if they are still in training, nor will there be any training done at your event.


How much experience do they have with the type of function you need them for?
(A) GTA DJ’s Owner Warren Woolridge meets with all clients for any type of event. Warren listens to what the client wants for their event and then plans and appoints the proper DJ for that event. All DJ’s have at least 5+ years experience.


Knowing Is Half The Battle

GTA DJ will work with our clients to make sure your event is a great success because we care!  At GTA DJ we work out all the details of your event during your initial consultation and your finial consultation. Once we have a better idea of the event at the initial consultation we go about choosing a DJ that will make your event a great success. All of the DJ’s will have back-up equipment, Full Music Library and most important be on-time.

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