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Toronto DJs

When choosing a Disc Jockey company for your next event: wedding, corporate party, birthday party, etc… it is important to know who your DJ will be.  A good Toronto DJ company will have many DJ’s to choose from, and will after accessing the nature  of the party and the average age of the guests will assign the most appropriate DJ for your event.


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An example of this might be a middle or high school dance. While most any DJ will know and have the most current hits in their music library, they might not have enough of the current hits or know a new music genre that’s out. An example of this might be the new genre of music: Dub Step. Many Toronto DJ companies receive their current music from CD pools  which offer the most popular Pop, Adult Contemporary, Rock, Country, Top 40, Urban and Dance. Most do not get popular remix’s of the songs or music that is not mainstream like Dub Step, Industrial, etc…


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So assigning a young age appropriate Disc Jockey to a school dance makes sense because he will know and have all the current music, including popular remix’s and new genres that are out, but not played on mainstream radio. The other advantage of sending someone younger to a school dance would be image for lack of a better word. It just doesn’t seem fitting to have a 50 year old DJ entertaining at a school. The students are expecting to see someone there who is their own age and can relate to.


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However, age isn’t the only factor when assigning a disc jockey. One has to consider the type of event and level of interaction necessary or desired. For example many Wedding Receptions require the DJ to act as emcee or want the DJ to be interactive and lead with kissing and centerpiece games. Some Corporate Parties want the Disc Jockey to be more in the background playing great music and encouraging requests while others are looking for the DJ to be entertaining, using the microphone to interact with the guests.


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It’s probably not a good idea to send a twenty something year old DJ to a St. Patrick’s Day party in a seniors home. An experienced Disc Jockey in their 50′s would be more appropriate and ensure the success of the party!