When should I book my DJ?

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When should I book my DJ?


Potential clients frequently ask me ‘how far in advance do I need to book a DJ‘? Seems like a straightforward question with an easy answer, but it’s is not so simple. The answer to that question depends on the number of guests you are expecting or rather, the amount of equipment that is required, the type of event you are planning and time of year the event is taking place.

The number one consideration is whether you have a particular Disc Jockey in mind. If you’ve seen a DJ at a previous event and liked his work or you’ve been referred by a friend who saw a particular DJ you would want to book him ASAP to ensure he is not already booked on your day. Once you have chosen a day it is wise to contact the company and reserve the particular DJ you want.

In addition, if your planning a Wedding during the busy Wedding months it is a good idea to sign on with a DJ company as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Saturday’s in May, June, July and August are particularly busy. Also mid November to the week before Christmas is very busy with Holiday parties so it’s a good idea to book your DJ during all those months ASAP. Generally though, most clients book the DJ between 4 and 8 months before their event. However, it is not uncommon to have people book 1 to 2 years in advance!

For school events that fall on Halloween, Valentines Day, the last day of school before the Winter break, Graduation or New Years Eve parties most DJ companies will be fully booked. So to avoid disappointment it is a good idea to secure those dates well in advance. Many schools and clients that are repeat will reserve those dates nearly a year in advance.

For parties that don’t fall into those busy months or days you can generally leave it to a month or two before the event before booking, although it is always a good idea to book a Disc Jockey as far in advance as possible. You will generally receive a favourable rate for those days as well!!!

Wedding DJ for Ceremony & Reception



When choosing the entertainment for your Wedding ceremony and reception there are many options out there. Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in life and people spend a lot of time and money to ensure that day is perfect in every way. The time with family and friends, make for lasting memories. Faced with this, Bride and Grooms are confronted with planning the flow of the day and choosing among endless Wedding vendors.


The two options for the sound and music at the ceremony are some type of live music like a stringed quartet, or a Disc Jockey service. Live music like a harpist offers elegance and novelty. They are able to play the important songs the ceremony requires. On the other hand, a DJ service will set up the sound equipment before the guests arrive and have pre-ceremony music playing upon their arrival. They will play the selected songs for the Bridesmaids and Bide to walk down the aisle, as well as the song for the signing of the registry, recessional and any other important moment requiring music, such as the unity candle lighting or the sand pouring. The other advantage with the DJ is that he will have a wireless or lapel microphone for the officiant.


Choices for the Wedding reception entertainment are typically between having a live band or Disc Jockey. A band will give you that live music feel, but often are limited in the genres they can play and tend to be a little loud for some guests. The DJ on the other hand will have his full library of music with him and can play those special songs chosen by the couple for the first dance, bride/father, groom/mother, bouquet and garter, etc… which the band might not be able to accommodate. In addition, most Wedding DJs will act as your emcee using the experience they have gained at countless Weddings attended. Often they will help coordinate the evening informing the banquet hall and photographer of upcoming events that are to take place, such as speeches, cake cutting, etc…


Another advantage with choosing a Disc Jockey company for your Wedding is the lighting and special effects they can provide. Whether it is dry ice for the first dance or intelligent lights to spot the bride and groom, a DJ company will have the equipment and experience to utilize these at your wedding. In fact, many DJs now offer ‘LED Uplighting’ to add ambience to any ballroom. Whether it’s ‘Uplighting’ behind the head table or the entire room, mood lighting adds to any atmosphere. This will also save you money, as there is no need to choose two or three different vendors to accommodate the ceremony, reception and lighting. Most DJ Companies will offer you a discounted rate when choosing their services for all the above making life easier for you as well!


GTADJ has been providing the sound and entertainment for Weddings and many other types of events for over 25 years. Their experience and attention to detail has made them the number one choice for Bridal couples in the Toronto, Ontario area. They service the entire Greater Toronto area and have a name to reflect this. If your looking for a Disc Jockey, Emcee or sound equipment and lighting for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception give them a call. They have a beautiful showroom in Toronto where they will discuss with you your plans for that perfect day, as well as give you a full demonstration of the sound, lighting, special effects and props offered in each of their packages.


You can contact the owner Warren Woolridge at 416 614-9349 or at info@gtadj.com. You can also visit them online: www.gtadj.com

Toronto DJ’s

Uplighting around the walls with a packed Dance Floor


Toronto DJs

When choosing a Disc Jockey company for your next event: wedding, corporate party, birthday party, etc… it is important to know who your DJ will be.  A good Toronto DJ company will have many DJ’s to choose from, and will after accessing the nature  of the party and the average age of the guests will assign the most appropriate DJ for your event.


Toronto DJ Service

An example of this might be a middle or high school dance. While most any DJ will know and have the most current hits in their music library, they might not have enough of the current hits or know a new music genre that’s out. An example of this might be the new genre of music: Dub Step. Many Toronto DJ companies receive their current music from CD pools  which offer the most popular Pop, Adult Contemporary, Rock, Country, Top 40, Urban and Dance. Most do not get popular remix’s of the songs or music that is not mainstream like Dub Step, Industrial, etc…


Disc Jockeys in Toronto

So assigning a young age appropriate Disc Jockey to a school dance makes sense because he will know and have all the current music, including popular remix’s and new genres that are out, but not played on mainstream radio. The other advantage of sending someone younger to a school dance would be image for lack of a better word. It just doesn’t seem fitting to have a 50 year old DJ entertaining at a school. The students are expecting to see someone there who is their own age and can relate to.


Toronto Disc Jockey Services

However, age isn’t the only factor when assigning a disc jockey. One has to consider the type of event and level of interaction necessary or desired. For example many Wedding Receptions require the DJ to act as emcee or want the DJ to be interactive and lead with kissing and centerpiece games. Some Corporate Parties want the Disc Jockey to be more in the background playing great music and encouraging requests while others are looking for the DJ to be entertaining, using the microphone to interact with the guests.


DJs in Toronto

It’s probably not a good idea to send a twenty something year old DJ to a St. Patrick’s Day party in a seniors home. An experienced Disc Jockey in their 50′s would be more appropriate and ensure the success of the party!

Ethnic DJS

Uplighting and Spotting the Bride & Grooms First Dance



Ethnic Disc Jockey

GTADJ Disc Jockey Service Toronto has a great team of DJ’s and emcee’s! Not only do we have male and female disc jockey’s of all ages, but we have ethnic DJs as well. The ethnic disc jockeys on our staff not only have the special music required for an ethnic event, but can speak the language as well which is a distinct advantage when you need an emcee to speak both English and the mother language.

Ethnic Emcee

GTA DJ Disc Jockey Service has Italian speaking DJs and Emcees who have performed at many Italian or Italian/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

GTA Toronto DJ has Portuguese speaking DJ’s and Emcees who have performed at many Portuguese or Portuguese/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

GTADJ Service has Korean speaking DJS and Emcees who have performed at many Korean or Korean/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

GTA DJ Toronto has Greek speaking DJS and Emcees who have performed at many Greek or Greek/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

GTA DJ Service has Arab speaking DJS and Emcees who have performed at many Arab or Arab/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

 GTADJ Service Hamilton has Persian speaking DJS and Emcees who have performed at many Persian or Persian/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

GTA DJ Service Mississauga has Indian speaking DJS and Emcees who have performed at many Indian or Indian/English events: Wedding’s, Baptism’s, Engagement Party’s, Wedding Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party’s, etc…

Ethnic DJ and Emcee for GTA

GTADJ has female DJ’s who are required for female Muslim events where a male cannot be. We have provided female disc jockeys for many of these events in the past. We also have many other ethnic music: Russian, Jewish, Bulgarian, Christian, Polish, Albanian, Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Chutney, Maringa, Salsa, etc…

Wedding DJ Toronto

DJ Services

Thought I’d run through a typical wedding day for DJS. Of course the package I’m using that day, time of function, as well as the location of the venue will play into this. This is also assuming I have the wedding itinerary and special songs ready to go.

Toronto area DJ

I’ll begin loading the vehicle on a Saturday morning around 10am: speakers, stands, bass, moving heads, Up lighting, wireless microphone, light stands, haze machine, dry ice machine (pea souper), dress clothes, etc… Next I take my shower before my assistant arrives.

Wedding DJ Southern Ontario

Once at the venue; typically around noon we’ll set up all the speakers and lighting in the wedding reception room. Once accomplished, we set up sound and microphone where the ceremony will take place. After changing into our dress clothes we will play the pre ceremony music, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer processional song. A few second pause for effect and the Bride comes down the aisle to her song. The wedding officiant does his thing and before you know it the Bride and Groom are singing the registry to the song they have chosen. All that’s left is the recessional and we’re off to cocktails with music chosen beforehand. Some ceremonies require music for the unity candle and sand exchange.

DJ for Wedding Receptions

After cocktails the DJ lines up the bridal party for the Grand Entrance, careful to get all the names pronounced right and in the right order as well as the entrance songs. During this time we have spotted the couple at the door with special lights for effect. Once into the room and on the dance floor the first dance is announced with the dry ice and more special lighting for a beautiful effect. The MC and DJ are working flawlessly together and are now fully engaged in the evening.

DJ Wedding Itinerary

Once the first dance ends the MC calls up the first person to toast the happy couple, makes mention of all the housekeeping: location of washrooms, the bar service, reminding guests to sign guestbook before they leave…then calls on the person saying grace. Dinner starts with MC and DJ introducing speeches and running kissing game between courses. With the entrée cleared the projector and screen is set up for the video followed by the Bride/Groom speech.

DJ for Wedding Ceremony

With desert completed we announce the cake cutting (with special music), call on the Bride/Father dance followed by the Groom/Mother dance then we do a game for the centerpiece giveaway and the dance floor is now open. The bouquet and garter toss will happen around the same time as the sweet table is introduced about 10:30. More dancing follows, leading into the final dance of the night.

Wedding Reception DJ

Tear everything down and load it into the vehicle; back to the office to unload and we’re home typically around 3am. I ran through this very quickly for time’s sake, but will touch on this in more detail another time.

DJ in Toronto

Disc Jockey

Thought I’d write about some of the Toronto venues I enjoy disc jockeying wedding’s, corporate holiday parties, private functions and proms at. I’ll also attempt to list why I enjoy DJing at each one.


Fantasy Farms located at 55 Pottery Rd Toronto is a venue I am very familiar with. I’ve been a DJ or sent DJ’s there for events nearly 100 times. It has this Medieval theme running through it which is charming and is surrounded by forest. So even though you’re in the heart ofToronto it feels like an escape into the wilderness. The staff are very friendly and the food is amazing! It’s a great venue to host your wedding and can accommodate an outdoor ceremony.


The Old Mill located at 21 Old Mill Rd Toronto also has Medieval architecture and can accommodate many functions simultaneously. Again the staff are terrific and the food is scrumptious. This venue is easy to access by public transit and is suitable for any type and size of occasion. We’ve been the DJ there for well over 200 events. They also have this beautiful chapel on site where you can host your wedding reception.


The Estates of Sunnybrook located at 2075 Bayview Avenue Toronto is an elegant venue with sprawling grounds suitable for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The two venues:Vaughan Estates and McLean House are ideal for small intimate affairs. The food is amazing at this venue as well.


I’ll offer more venue recommendations in another blog, but if your deciding on a venue for your next shindig consider the 3Torontovenues above or give GTADJ a call. We love to offer our 25 years of experience in planning that special event.



High School DJ

Being late June we come to the time of year for Middle School Grads and High School Proms. It got me to reminiscing about my venture into the DJ business. The first booking GTADJ ever got was a middle school dance. Like most DJ’S I honed my skills at school dances. They are a good place to learn beat mixing and microphone work. I used to do up to 100 school dances a year before expanding into Wedding’s and Corporate events. Those dances gave me the experience I needed to read a dance floor and how to interact with guests.

Middle School Dance

As I got older and began hiring DJS, I would train the younger disc jockeys and send them out to DJ Middle School dances; then High Schools. They would do all types of dances; from grade 8 graduations, to high school dances, proms, semi formals and dance-a-thons. I believe that a younger DJ between the ages of 19 and 25 works best for teen dances. They often go out in pairs taking turns DJing and MCing; especially when first starting out, an assistant gives that extra courage required for all new dj’s.


Some middle and high schools have been with us for a long time and prefer having the same DJ. As such, I have schools that still request me personally even though I’m not in my 20’s anymore. The young DJ has the advantage of peer bonding with the students and seem to know all the specialty dances having watched the latest music videos. In general though, I prefer to send an age appropriate Disc Jockey to DJ school dances.


This brings me to my final thought: there was a day when the DJ had the latest music and the students were in awe of the DJ because they had the latest remix’s of songs before anyone else could get them. Now, with downloads and YouTube the kids know and have all the music sometimes before the DJ even. Still, the professional DJ will be able to play sets of music that flow effortlessly and use the microphone to move the students in a way that plugging in an iPod just can’t!




So I was thinking about my career as a dj over the weekend while at my event at the Royal Ambassador. It was a beautiful evening about 9:30pm and the sun was just going down. We had arrived at the venue for 10am to set up as we had a huge gig to do, as well as the ceremony which was taking place at 2pm; so we had to start the pre-ceremony music at 1:30. The ceremony was at the venue, but near the pond which took more time to set up. That  got me to thinking while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

I was really struck by all the changes that have occurred in the disc jockey profession since my start in 88. When I first started DJing Weddings, and other mobile events the ceremony was never at the venue where the reception was taking place; it usually happened at a church. This meant that the reception always started late as the guests would never arrive to the reception on time. After this there would be a long receiving line which lead into dinner. After dinner there would be a long series of speeches, followed by the cake cutting, first dance, bride/father dance, groom/mother dance, bridal party dance, and bouquet and garter toss. Finally the dancing could begin usually between 11 and 11:30pm which allowed only an hour or so before the night ended.

In addition, back then we brought two speakers which would sit on the floor and almost never brought any type of lighting or wireless mic. The DJ would rarely be asked to MC or do anything interactive. Today, that’s all changed! The ceremonies almost always happen at the same venue as the reception and often we are asked to provide sound and music for it. In addition, most Weddings require the DJ to act as MC and the couple are looking for beautiful Up lighting along the wall and behind the head table, as well as intelligent lights to spot the bride and groom  for the grand entrance, first dance, speeches, etc… Special effects such as, dry ice, haze, streamer launch, etc… are often used as well.

The DJ also is also very interactive with the guests especially during dinner where we use props such as dice, putting game, etc…to interact with the guests.

The shy DJ who doesn’t like to use the microphone is a thing of the past. If you just want to play music in the background like at a club or bar, mobile events such as Weddings, Corporate parties, Schools, etc.. are not for you! It’s difficult to say whether the DJ at a Wedding is more of an MC/entertainer or someone who plays music. Both are important of course, but when I first started DJing I enjoyed playing the music most and the formalities were something I had to tolerate. Now it’s the opposite, being the Master of Ceremonies is much more fun and challenging than simply reading the dance floor. The night is so much more enjoyable now that the DJ is involved in the entire Wedding day!


Past Client Testimonials

Hi Warren!
I meant to get this email to you last week, but post-wedding life has been hectic … great, but hectic! :)
Shaun and I wanted to thank you and your assistant for the amazing job you did at our reception May 22nd at the 424 in Toronto. The music was fantastic and you guys were a lot of fun! All of our guests remarked on the great work you did. We also appreciate your willingness to stay later – I assume that means that you guys were also having a great time! It was a fun and special night for us and you were a big part of that - thank you very, very much! If you ever need a reference, you can count on us! You exceeded our expectations and delivered exceptional service.
You guys ROCK!

Have a great summer of weddings and take care!
Best wishes,
Kate Knight & Shaun Howarth


Hey Warren,
On behalf of Lord Lansdowne I would like to congratulate you and your company on that terrific performance. We might be interested in hiring you again for our next dance which would be the Valentine dance in February.
Hey Warren,
I just want to thank you on a great performance last night. You guys helped the banquet become a success! Everybody enjoyed themselves last night! So, once again, thanks for the great night!Thanks,


Hi Warren,
I just wanted to drop you a line about how professional & excellent job the guys did on Saturday night. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing DJ services in the future.

All the best & thanks again!
Craig Oldham


Dear Warren,
Many thanks for being our DJ for our wedding night and for helping give us and all our guests a fantastic party.  The dance floor was a popular spot for many and pictures of our guests dancing to your music still give us lots to laugh about. The weather threw all of us for a loop, but we really appreciate you making every effort to accommodate our outdoor needs.  It was a mad dash at the end but everything came together perfectly.
Thanks again and best of luck with all future brides and grooms.
Vanessa & Rob
Hi Warren,
If you want us as a reference, please feel free to do so. Nothing like a story to have about the reception MC recovery, change of the cake cutting, etc…
You really saved us and we can’t thank you enough.
Thanks Kinga and Scott
Just wanted to let you know quickly that Michael did an outstanding job.  He was friendly, he arrived early and he was VERY interactive with the kids – they LOVED him.  Great for such a young guy.
Feel free to send him anytime.P.S.  I just referred you to a woman who called the school asking about Friday’s DJ.  She needs someone for an event of some sort.  I gave her your contact information.  Her name is Mary.

Take care Warren!


Hi Warren:

This is to thank you and Michael for the wonderful job you have done during my daughter’s birthday party. The kids had a great time and Michael did a good job and he is very professional.
Overall, we have so many 
positive feedbacks from the people who attended my daughter’s bday party. 

Thank you again and  we’ll be in touch in the future…
Eleanor Oliveros


Thank you for your professional service. I had quite a few guests requesting your number which I supplied very willingly.
Hope your doing well and I’m sure we will be in touch in the future for the next occasion.
thx again Warren.


Hi Warren
I just wanted to say thank you to you and Michael for everything yesterday. Everyone loved him and they said it was the best dance they’ve been to and the music was great. They all had a wonderful time, so thank you very very much! I will definitely be referring you all to the future dance organizers at BSS and other schools.
Thanks again!


Hello Warren!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you and tell you how much everyone loved the music at our wedding last Sunday! A proper Thank you card is on it’s way :) .Really, you and your assistant did a fantastic job from structuring the reception, to getting everyone on the dance floor, to keeping them dancing. So, thank you so much! We also got compliments on the cocktail reception music and the dinner music!

You were a pleasure to work with and put me right at ease about the whole day. Thank you!

All the best,
Lis ( & Brad)


Hi Warren,

I just wanted to say thank you for DJing our high school prom. The DJ’s were very professional but still fun! the lighting and music were also amazing. Thanks again!!

Courtney Inch


Hey how’s it going? I’m back from my honeymoon and trying to get some normalcy back in my life but my body is fighting me the whole way… it really wanted to stay on the beach!
I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job that you did on our wedding day.  I had soooo many compliments like “your DJ was awesome man!” even my mother was impressed, (jaw drop here!) LOL Anyway we had a great time and everyone loved it.  I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine is getting married in October and asked me for your info.  I passed it along with high regards.  The guy that’s getting married is Fernando (Fern for short) but his brother (and best man David Cabral) is suppose to be on Dj duty.  So expect a phone call or email soon as the wedding is in a few months and they are madly trying to finish planning it.
Again thanks for everything,
Jessica and Joel (July 19th 2008)

Hi Warren,

Hope all is well with you

We had a great time using your service again and Jarrett was very professional and fun

We extended for another hour and  I didn’t have cash and I mentioned to him that I’ll speak with you if you can charge it to my credit card

Once again, we are pleased with your service and looking forward again next year

Thank you,
Lawrence Fajardo


Warren our season is done for this year
Thanks for all you did it is a pleasure to work with reliable people such as yourself
I will be in touch.
Hi Warren,
How are you?  Hope all is well.
Yoon and I got back from our honeymoon on Monday night and now we are busy settling in.
I wanted to sincerely thank you for doing such an amazing job. We all had a great time and it was cool to see you and your assistant shake and groove as well.  Such an awesome night!
Please feel free to send me an e-mail when you run out of your lenses and I’d be happy to provide you w/ more. Maybe we can even grab a quick bite the next time we meet.
Again, thank you thank you thank you very much.
I wish you continuous success and I will certainly recommend you to my other friends.
Take care,
Hey Warren
We just wanted to send you an email to thank you for everything you did at the wedding.  you did an awesome job.
Thank You So Much
Ryan and Stacey Point
July 24, 2009Hi Warren,

I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic job you did at our wedding last Sunday! We have heard from so many people that the music was amazing and that you guys were so great at getting everyone out on the dance floor. The Full Monty with the groomsmen was a huge hit (I can’t wait to see the pictures!!) and the Blues Brothers centrepiece-giveaway trick definitely worked to get everyone on the dance floor!

It was an absolutely perfect day and you were a huge part of it!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
Mike and Amy

Hi warren
I am sorry that we didn’t get to say goodbye to you. You did an awesome job
and everyone had a great time. We will be recommending your name to all our friends.
All the best
Claire and mike

Hi Warren!

We just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii today =)   Just wanted to give a big thanks to you and your assistant for an amazing wedding… you guys were so much fun and did a terrific job.   We also feel bad that we didn’t get Sunnybrook to provide dinner for your assistant (I didn’t know before the wedding that your assistant was hanging around the whole night)…   so I hope he was ok.   We are definitely recommending you guys to our friends -  everyone enjoyed the music and the games.


Nancy and Dan



Mike was the man, everyone loved it. He was unbelieveable. He even had a
few photo ideas. Warren thank you so much for the evening, it couldn’t be
better. Thank you for Mike, he fit right in and made it perfect. Please let
him know once again.

Thank you


Just sitting at the airport ready to leave for our honeymoon…

Thanks for all the work you and your team put into the event.  It went off very well, and there was a very lively party out there on the floor.  The special serenade went off flawlessly, and tears were flowing.  In the end I also did a mother-son dance to “Moon River”.
Take care.
Nicholas Ferreira
Hi Warren,
We’ll probably send you a card or something but I just wanted to tell you we were very happy with Mike as our D.J,
There was a few kinks to work out and he was right on top of them. We would definitely recommend you guy’s to people we know. Thanks again, and tell Mike I’m sorry for leaving unnanounced.
Hi Warren,
Just wanted to say thanks! Mike was great and the kids had a blast!
Hillary had a great day, a party she will always remember, I guess I’ll be planning the “Sweet Sixteen” before I know it and I will definately be giving you a call.
Thanks Again
Hi Warren,
Thank you so much for Saturday, the music was outstanding, everyone had an awesome time!  I’ll definitely keep you mind for next time.
Thanks again,

Good afternoon Warren,

How are you feeling today?  Sorry I left again without saying good night and thank you, I just had to get out of there……… I bailed when I saw the right moment.

So I am taking this time now to say Thank you for another successful year, you kept my co-workers dancing and let’s just say they are not moving too quickly today….. their feet and legs hurt including mine….. WOW I danced a storm up last night….. LOL I hope you had a good time and they didn’t keep you too late.

Merry Christmas and All the best for 2010 and we will touch base next year.

Best regards,


Hey Warren,
Just wanted to say thanks again for another spectacular show. Unfortunately I was a no-show due to the fact that I have a four-month old at home and things tend to get a little unpredictable but the feedback from everyone has been nothing short of stellar. I saw some pictures of the lighting and it was perfect! Great work!
Cory Vosper
Warren we are done this year thank-you very much for your efforts
It is great to work with people like yourself it makes my job very easy
Hi Warren — I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for Jim’s party.  We’ve received many comments from our guests about “the great DJ”.
Thanks again!
Mary Jane
Hi Warren,

I just wanted to email you a quick thanks to pass on to Micheal for the semi formal night on the 19th of March.
Everyone enjoyed the music and we’ll keep you on file in hopes of working together again in the future.
Thank you again.
-Uliana and Amanda
Thank you so much Warren.  Everyone including myself had RAVE reviews for Michael so we are really looking forward to seeing him again.
Hey Warren!
Thank you so much! Michael did a great job DJ-ing! The song choices and lights were all great!Thanks again!

Hi Warren,
Jason and I wanted to express our sincere thanks to you for a job well done!
You exceeded our expectations. We had a great night. We will definitely refer you on to our family and friends.
Thanks so much,
Violet and Jason
Hey Warren,
Lynn and I just wanted to thank you and our DJ – Michael – for all that you did for us this past Saturday. Michael, was an excellent DJ, and was very approachable for all of our guests. The music was great, and the party couldn’t have been better.  We had a great time, and so did our guests. This definitely turned out to be the celebration we envisioned when we first talked to you.
I will keep you in mind for future events.Thanks for everything,
Darren and Lynn

Hi Warren
We just wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you did at our wedding. You were calm, professional and a pleasure to have as our DJ. Thank you so much for the great job —  you kept the party going all night and we know all of our guests had a wonderful time dancing! We have heard nothing but great reviews about you. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks.
Thanks again!
All the best,
Trisha & Ryan
Hi Warren,I just wanted to let you know that Michael was amazing. Everyone really enjoyed his music selection and it was a great pleasure having him at the Formal. I have already insisted that next year’s council use your DJ services for any other events they organize.

Thanks again and best wishes,


Hi Warren,Just wanted to say a great big Thank-you for the amazing job you did at our reception.
We really appreciate it :-)

All the Best,
Andrea and Joe

More To Come

Toronto Wedding DJs

Toronto Wedding DJs

Toronto Wedding DJs Starts with GTA DJ.

GTA DJ has been providing disc jockey services in the General Toronto area since 1988. Along with our many years of experience we have seen great changes in the technology of sound and lighting as well as special effects. When choosing a Toronto Wedding DJ there are things you should be looking for. Below we will provide the information that answers all these questions.


 Choosing A Toronto Wedding DJ


(1) Will they bring back-up equipment?
(A) Back-up equipment is one the most important things that all DJ companies should have on hand. A lot of DJ Companies make these promises but do not actually bring the equipment.
Here is just an example of what this could mean for your Toronto Wedding. The client chooses a basic package and in this package there are 2 Speakers, DJ Console, Music, etc. Let’s just say that the hall staff or a guest bumps into the Speaker knocking it over and now for some reason the sound no longer is coming out. The DJ has checked everything they possibly could think of and it’s been determined the speaker is 100% broken. Now the DJ would need to not only inform the Client about the issue, but now has to wait for someone to bring a new speaker or even worse, leave the event to get a new one. Another thing that could happen is they just use the one speaker, but you did not pay for one, you the client paid for two speakers. Remember this is only an example.


(2) Is there a DJ on stand-by in case of illness?
(A) Once again this is something that most clients assume will happen. In most cases there is never anyone that could come to the rescue of your event if the Main DJ has fallen ill. The ill DJ would be forced to stay at the event and even possibly ruin your special wedding day.


(3) Will the sound be appropriate for the size of the hall and number of guests.
(A) At GTA DJ we strongly advise that the client come to our showroom to fully discuss the days events as well as find out how many people will be at that event. If let’s say there is 200 people that will be at your wedding, the bare minimum we would suggest is the normal 2 speakers. What Would GTA DJ suggest? We say that for a Toronto Wedding Hosting 200 People or more should be at least two speakers and two bass bins. Reason behind this is because we would only use the bass bins during the dance portion of your event and not during dinner or speeches. We take alot of pride in making sure your event is special in every single way.


(4) Do they have a wide variety of music?
(A) Any DJ Company within the GTA should have a wide variety of music. GTA DJ has music that date’s back to the 1940′s all the way to the current most listened to music of Today.


(5) Will the DJ encourage and play song requests?
(A) Most DJ companies will say yes to this question but come the day of the event and the client starting to ask for music the DJ will become impatient and not even listen to the guest after a while.The good news is with GTA DJ all of our DJ’s are there to make your event great; if for some odd reason the DJ does not have the song the client wants, then the song would be beyond the DJ’s Library of Music. In most cases we can quickly download the song and play it from iTunes.


(6) Is the DJ interactive and experienced in motivating people?
(A) All of GTA DJ DJ’s are fully interactive and experienced. GTA DJ will never send a DJ to any event if they are still in training, nor will there be any training done at your event.


How much experience do they have with the type of function you need them for?
(A) GTA DJ’s Owner Warren Woolridge meets with all clients for any type of event. Warren listens to what the client wants for their event and then plans and appoints the proper DJ for that event. All DJ’s have at least 5+ years experience.


Knowing Is Half The Battle

GTA DJ will work with our clients to make sure your event is a great success because we care!  At GTA DJ we work out all the details of your event during your initial consultation and your finial consultation. Once we have a better idea of the event at the initial consultation we go about choosing a DJ that will make your event a great success. All of the DJ’s will have back-up equipment, Full Music Library and most important be on-time.